On the scrounge, but not for me! It's for charity!

Dear all,

Once again I have failed to say no and have ended up volunteering to join two other ladies at work on the British Heart Foundation's annual London to Brighton cycle ride this Sunday. I have done London to Brighton before for charity, on a November day, in the rain, wind and hail (hail really hurts when it thumps onto your pedalling thighs) and I'm really hoping that the latest forecast for Sunday (some sun, some cloud, possibly a little rain in the afternoon) doesn't get any worse.

But anyway, if anyone would like to sponsor me, I have a Justgiving website here http://www.justgiving.com/Jacqueline-Lawrence

Thank you!
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Livejournal? You can haz broken?

Hello to all my Livejournal friends. I would just like to know if others are suffering the same problem that I am; not getting notifications when a friend posts to their own journal. I have not had an email notification for a few days, and yet when I go to my friends page, there are plenty of updates for me to read. Not only am I not getting email notifications, but I am not getting the messages in my LJ inbox.

I have checked my account settings and they are showing as notifications will be sent but nothing is coming through. Anyone else having this problem?
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Mad dogs and Englishwomen...

... do indeed go out in the midday sun! Proof of this was seen yesterday when me and two friends took part in Pink Aerobics, a three hour sponsored aerobics session in Hyde Park. It was hot, it was very tiring, the ground wasn't always even due to it being used as football pitches, oh and did I mention it was hot? But it was good fun and I don't regret the aches and stiffness that I have today. How could I when we were raising money for The Pink Ribbon Foundation, a charity which supports projects investigating treatments for breast cancer and those that support the women (and their families) who are living with breast cancer.

If anyone wishes to sponsor me after the fact, as it were, our Justgiving site is as follows:

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And the next play will be....

Just found out what play my am dram group will be producing early next year. It was to be a toss up between two Pratchetts, and the winner is....

*drum roll*


Whoop, whoop!

Now just got to bagsy myself a role...
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Far too much excitement for one day!

Had an email about my corset! Apparently it's very nearly ready and some photos of the finished product will come this week. Sq-UEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

The only downside to this is the fact that I have yet to pay my corsetier! Oh well ;-)
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So, today I got my arse in gear and got my bike down to the shop to get the handlebars sorted out following my accident last week. I was worried that it was going to be expensive and that I would have to confront the silly bint who knocked me off to get my money back but the lovely young man (lovely cos he helped me out) in the shop just got out an allen key, loosened the handlebars up, moved the bent bit, which turned out to just be an attachment to the main handlebar and not a fully integrated part, tightened it back up and that was it; one fully functioning bike within 2 minutes! Sweet!

And he didn't charge me for his time. I love that shop so much! I did spend some money there, however, as I wanted to play it safe and get a new helmet after walloping it on the road.
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As time goes by...

I hurt in new places, *sigh*.

Right, back pedal (ha! If only I could have done). Monday morning, cycling to work, got knocked off my bike by a numpty turning left across me. Cue my hurling over the front of her car onto the road, although thankfully neither of us were going fast. Landed on my left side so have a few grazes and lots of bruising, but no head injury as I was wearing a helmet.

However, a couple of days on and although the pain in my arm and hip has gone, the bruise on my thigh is growing (my goodness, but it's a wonderful shade of purple!) and now the bottom of my rib cage is starting to feel tender on both sides. Maybe I hit the handlebars as I went over, who knows? All I do know is that having a road traffic accident (as I am officially logged with the police) is not a good way to get a couple of days off work.

And yes, I apologise to anyone who is worrying about me (especially my mother!)
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Who needs a man?

Ha ha! I am brilliant, and do not need a man!

Right, let me clarify that before I get into trouble.

I had a puncture in my rear tyre on my bike and last night I fixed it, all by myself, for the first time. Now I know that it shouldn't be that difficult but I've always had trouble getting the tyre back onto the wheel but last night I managed it, hoorah!

Obviously, I still need a man for some things; like reaching a very high shelf ;-)
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